Outdoor light controls


By capitalising on a host of wireless recievers, transmitters, motion detectors and timers available, wirelessly controlled lighting systems are highly adaptable and flexible. - You can of course, have a simple on/off switch!

Stunning lighting effects can be created, all of which can be controlled by the touch of a button, or even by the swish of a finger on your iPhone.


Light Symphony is a versatile and cost-saving wireless control system for your garden lighting and other outdoor electrical devices, such as pond, pool and water features.


The Light Symphony range brings new levels of control and flexibility. Its long wireless range allows controllers to be positioned in the garden and powered from any source, thereby reducing cabling and digging, while offering fuller control. Its energy saving features and smart timers reduce running costs.


The controls are fully compatible with all makes and types of garden lighting , including LED, Low Voltage and colour changing LEDs. With a choice of remote control options including an 'iPhone' (or Android) application, 'Keyfob' and 'Picture Touch Panel', you're sure to find a solution for all your outdoor control requirements.