Outdoor lighting installation


Our Outdoor Electrical Engineers are NICEIC registered and highly experienced in the particular challenges of electrical installations and the great British weather.

All our installations meet or exceed all electrical standards and are certified as complying with 'Part P' regulations. Our highly experienced Senior Electrical Engineer, Peter Smitherman oversees all our work. We have selected a palette of tried and tested materials and light fittings which we know are of fantastic quality, reliability and suitability for domestic garden use.

The majority of our lighting systems comprise of low voltage 12v fittings. Because the supply is non-lethal, flex cable can be used to connect the light fittings to a external IP rated transformer. This makes them easier to install and to adjust as the garden grows and evolves over time.

In addition to outdoor lighting, we can install a wide range of other electrical items such as outdoor sockets, patio heaters, pond pumps/fountains.

Lighting Installation Process


Step 1 - Installation - First Fix

Our installation team will install isolated electrical supply to the garden with its own circuit breaker. From there, ringmain(s) of armoured cable are trenched into the garden and looped up at various points for light connection. There can be more than one ringmain circuit, depending on whether you want to be able to switch different parts of the lighting system on individually.


Step 2 - Installation - Control System

A control system can simply be a on/off switch, usually located near the back door. We can also install a range of wireless switches, dimmers, sensors, timers and even WiFi connection for controlling the lighting on a smart phone.


Step 3 - Installation - Second Fix

Junction boxes and transformers are placed in the garden and your chosen light fittings are connected to the system.


Step 4 - Commissioning, testing and certificating

Once complete, our systems are fully tested for electrical safety to ensure they meet electrical regulations. You are then provided a NICEIC Certificate for the installation.


We will visit at dusk and demonstrate the system to you. They will then set up the system, ensuring each light is positioned as it should be for maximum effect.