Outdoor sound & vision


Bring high quality audio into your garden and get the party started! Outdoor audio systems can be as simple as an extension to your existing indoor system with waterproof wall mounted or ground speakers, controlled from indoors. Alternatively, we can design and install a dedicated garden audio systems, utilising a wide range of technology to give you complete control of your music in your garden.


We can connect your outdoor audio system to your home network so you can access your computer music library, install an outdoor MP3 docking station so all your guests can take over the sound. There are a wide range of speakers available from high end Bose speakers to subtle in ground speakers designed to look like a rock. The range of products available give complete flexibility to suit every budget and requirements.


An outdoor television can create a truly magic place to watch a movie on a summers evening, or sporting event by the BBQ.
Outdoor televisions are completely waterproof and have anti-reflective glass fronts specifically designed for outdoor viewing in daylight. They are generally wall mounted, with extremely strong anti theft brackets to keep them secure.

We can design and install a complete system to connect to your existing media players and digital TV system for standard and High Definition viewing or install dedicated equipment in the garden.